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Why you should use realbot 

Realbot is more than just a chatbot. It’s an automated Artificial Intelligence [AI] Virtual Assistant. It won’t replace your best agents. But it will help you grow your leads through both efficiency and a more effective customer experience. Realbot is built for real estate agents, agencies, developers and builders, and is intuitive, clear, and easy to use. It provides the opportunity to indirectly connect with more prospective leads and engage them in the real estate sales process.

Support prospective leads 24/7


  • Helps busy real estate agents answer every call or chat from a customer
  • Doesn’t take breaks
  • Supports multiple customers at the same time
  • Can take over simple tasks from human agents, such as
  • Answering common questions
  • Collecting contact details
  • Promoting rental listings
  • Automates workflows using artificial intelligence
  • Provides real-time information on each property
  • Collaborates with customers to stay connected
  • Provide reports on leads and property assets.

Qualify leads

Realbot greetings:

  • Helps prevent prospective leads from leaving your site and will engage them with your real estate offerings. This is a short chat invitation that lets you proactively engage visitors to your website
  • Enables you to create a different greeting for visitors interested in buying, renting, and selling a house, as well as qualify leads based on their needs. This helps to connect prospective leads with dedicated real estate agents and shortens the sales cycle

Collects Buyers and Sellers information


  • Helps you to acquire digital clients much easier
  • Enables customers to effortlessly search for listings while chatting with RealBot
  • Asks customers about their budget, types of properties, and the location they are interested in. This helps to find matching listings in our database and present them to prospective customers immediately
  • Customers can quickly verify whether they are interested in the agency’s listings and leave their contact details so you can get in touch with them later.


Schedule meetings and property tours


  • Helps create a good relationship with customers by getting to know their needs
  • Displays your calendar and allows a customer to schedule a meeting at a convenient time. This enables you to acquire new contacts.
  • Allows you to focus only on nurturing quality leads
  • Can schedule a call with you or let a person call your team directly from the chat window
  • All conversations are saved in the archives so that your team can easily catch up with a customer’s case and deliver personalised service from the word go.

Maximises your Facebook pages


  • Connects each of your properties to the Realbot facebook account in real time
  • Enables you to maximise your facebook channel and connect with a much wider audience in real time
  • Offers a one-click integration with Messenger
  • Can easily be added to your Facebook fan page without coding. With this functionality, you can answer customer questions 24⁄7 and deliver a consistent customer experience across multiple communication channels.

Creates a YouTube presence


  • Automatically combines your property pictures into a video presentation
  • Enables you to utilise the YouTube channel and to connect with a wider audience.

Provides an additional listing channel 24/7


Realbot won’t replace your best agents. However, it will give your team a head start and more time to build relationships with customers and help more people find a place to call home.

It’s really easy to set up. We do all the heavy lifting.

So let us help you adapt and flourish in the new environment. Register with us and accept our obligation Free trial.  We will then send you the formal documentation to kick-start your free trial.

It’s really easy as that!