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The Platform for Every Kinds of Real Estate Business. Experience Next-Generation Real Time Digital Conversations.

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Smart Digital Assistant

Realbot provides an innovative Virtual Assistant that responds instantly to customers and engages with them to help you build trust, accelerate customer engagement & generate revenue faster.


Artificial Intelligence

Enjoy the power of our cutting-edge artificial intelligence tool that operates 24/7 to ensure you don't miss out on any potential customers who enquire about any of your properties.


Business Acceleration

Realbot creates a single solution to boost your business efficiency and deliver real-time, personalised customer experiences, which enables you to build brand loyalty, improve sales productivity, and help your entire team generate revenue faster across the customer lifecycle.


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Ideas for Generating Real Estate Leads

Ideas for Generating Real Estate Leads

Cold calling and Door knocking are not very realistic in today’s market and may not work as well as they once did. There are other methods available. We suggest you pick a method and follow it through until it makes you a profit. Many jump from one idea to the next without giving it ample time to succeed. The trick is to focus on one method and then build on it during the next step. Here is a list of some free lead generation ideas. Which ones are you already using, and which one would be the easiest for you to integrate into your leads' generation system:

Watch your business grow with Realbot.

Watch your business grow with Realbot.

Automate your Customer Service with AI Real Estate ChatBots. From the first visit to the final sale or purchase, Real Estate ChatBot lets you delight Buyers and Sellers at each step of their buying or selling journey.

About Real Estate Bot - Realbot

About Real Estate Bot - Realbot

Realbot is automated smart digital assistant powered by AI to help you grow your leads through both efficiency and a more effective customer experience. It’s built for real estate agents and is intuitive, clear, and easy to use.


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