Makes Pivo Pod Accessible to all Real Estate Agents Makes Pivo Pod Accessible to all Real Estate Agents 

Pivo’s innovative Pod Black is the perfect solution for every Real Estate Agent serious about showcasing their properties.  It’s a 360-degree rotating device to be used with your smartphone to capture 3D videos and tours with Auto Tracking. It brings your property to life and your community to you.  

This is why is partnering with Pivo to make this solution accessible to every Real Estate Agent across Australia. 

Pivo’s cool features can be accessed from Pivo’s apps, which are available for both Android and iOS.  They include:

  • Capture photos & record videos hands-free
  • 1-on-1 video call hands-free
  • Give virtual presentations
  • Go live while Pivo automatically tracks you
  • Create interactive 360° product shots
  • Capture 3D tours
  • Auto Tracking: Human & Animal Tracking

Pod Black users will have free access to all the Pivo apps:

  • Pivo+
  • Pivo Play
  • Pivo Cast
  • Pivo Present
  • Pivo Live
  • Pivo Studio
  • Pivo Tour

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