Launches PIVO Pod Black for Australian Real Estate Market. is an Australian startup technology company has partnered with PIVO to provide innovative solution to Australian Real Estate Agents in the marketing of residential properties.

Realbot has created a technology Platform and solution which incorporate the PIVO hardware and technology in providing 3D tours & Videos. This solution provides enhanced Digital Listing of properties by Individual Agents. Branding by Agencies is a crucial part of showcasing their properties to wider audiences.

Realbot is now engaging with local agents to pilot and rollout the PIVO Pod Black as a part of its initial service.

Pivo is a part of 3i group based in South Korea manufacures innovative hardware and has world wide partners. 3i has now partnered with realbot in Australia to supply of his products to Real Estate Industry.

Realbot is an Australian startup company which developed technological solutions to real estate market.

Realbot head office is in Sydney and its CEO and Founder is Rama Dwarapudi.


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