Realbot Real Estate Virtual Agent 24/7

Realbot’s Business Acceleration Platform combines Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales to create a single solution for you and your agents to boost your business efficiency. It also brings them together to deliver real-time, personalised customer experiences, which enables you to build brand loyalty, improve your sales productivity, and help your entire team generate revenue faster across the full customer lifecycle.

Conversational Marketing

Realbot engages customers instantly, understands their needs, recommends relevant information, or asks them in the chat to book a meeting directly with you or your agent.

Each customer is engaged with a personalised experience when their intent is highest – so you can quickly communicate with them, qualify them, and re-route them to the right agent.

More Web Traffic is converted into Qualified Leads using two-way integrations with the tools in your technical tool box – they can be set up without expert IT help. This enables you to serve highly personalised and relevant experiences to your customers, converting more traffic into qualified leads.

Conversational Sales

Realbot enables your customers to engage instantly in the sales process when they are at their moment of the highest intent. This is when they are on your site, ready to buy or rent a property.

With realbot’s Conversational Sales platform, your customers avoid the needless back and forth of scheduling appointments. It also converts more visitors to your site with relevant, personalised experiences that easily qualify them and keeps them engaged with the sales process through chat, video, email, or over the phone.