PropTech Outlook’s “Top 20 PropTech Companies in APAC – 2021” 

According to PropTech Outlook magazine, December 2021, The real estate industry has been comparatively slow to pick up on the benefits of marketing technology and automation. However, numerous elements of real estate management are better handled by machines than humans. While the property industry has been relatively slow on the uptake of automation, it’s not immune to the challenges and opportunities that technology presents and that perceived inertia is rapidly turning around and impacting the way we buy, sell, rent, manage and interact with our properties right now.

Advanced technologies such as IoT and cognitive technologies, along with augmented reality and virtual reality applications in construction, are bringing in an enhanced user experience to real estate, thereby improving the bottom line of the real estate space. The proliferation of the internet and innovations has brought transparency and efficiency to real estate practices. Realtors are becoming technologically savvy by implementing applications and software that offer real-time information regarding Real Estate processes......

With virtual tools and software, properties can be viewed virtually in the comfort of the customer’s home. In the wake of the emergence of PropTech, it is crucial to partner with the right vendor. This edition features some of the most promising PropTech solution providers that offer exceptional solutions and revolutionize the real estate industry with their offerings.

We hope this issue of the PropTech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster technologically-driven business culture.

We present to you PropTech Outlook’s “Top 20 PropTech Companies in APAC – 2021.” 

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