Google Business Messages with Realbot

Google Business Messages has partnered with Realbot, in a first of its kind in Australia, to enable Australian real estate agencies to maximise their property and agency profiles through the power and scale of Google Search and Maps. This unique partnership connects buyers and sellers to real estate agents, direct from Google Search results, Google Maps and even an agency’s own channels - anytime, anywhere. It’s a more efficient and effective method, all through the convenience of your iOS or android smartphone.

Reach customers where they are with Business Messages

Help your customers reach you with the scale of Google Search and Maps. With Business Messages’ conversational experience, delight your customers and drive results.

Build consumer trust by showing expected wait times and answers to frequently asked questions, and enhance customer care with the ability to connect with a live agent.

Meet customers where they are

Business Messages is a mobile conversational channel that combines entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences that delight customers and drive business results.

Buyers & Sellers will be able to find Business Messages in even more places on Android, including within apps and during calls.

Google’s Business Messages

Realbot offers Google's Business Messages service to Real Estate Agencies.

Business Messages is a powerful way to connect with your Buyers & Sellers. 9 in 10 business decision makers believe Google’s Business Messages will improve their customer interactions.


Google’s Business Messages

Why Business Messages?

Meet customers in their moment of need, in the channel of their choice

Improve response times with digital agents and increase customer satisfaction

Drive business value with richer, more engaging experiences


Google’s Business Messages

Engage more effectively with your Buyers and Sellers

Realbot is a cutting-edge next generation virtual agent that engages with customers 24/7 to build trust, accelerate customer engagement and generate revenue faster.


Google Business Messages with Realbot