Farzin Hesari

Farzin is an energetic, passionate, and a constantly evolving person. Having had an extensive background in operating small businesses, Farzin has developed a deep understanding of the business brokerage industry which seen him quickly rise to become one of the leading brokers in the country. Farzin specialises in high-end commercial properties and businesses, with a focus on boutique hotels, new development sales, acquisitions, and mergers.

Farzin has garnered an excellent reputation and counts some of Australia’s most influential people as clients. He has set records across Hobart in sales of boutique accommodation, bars and businesses and where others have failed, he continues to exceed vendor expectations.

Farzin delivers great value to his clients with transparency and honesty, whether they are buyers, sellers, developers or investors, he will always put you first.

While other brokers believe having a sound strategy is the key to selling, Farzin believes having the means to execute is above all else. Farzin maintains a diverse portfolio of exclusive listings and has the ability to reach hundreds of potential buyers through his vast national and international networks. Farzin has also built relationships with other local agents from around Australia, enabling him to maximise the reach for his clients. Combining these tools with an intimate knowledge of the local market, Farzin can confidently match the right buyer with the right seller. His remarkable list-to-sale ratio of 87% and achievement of $5,200,000 in sales in less than 6 months, has raised the bar and set new standards for Business Brokers in Hobart.

Farzin is motivated by helping his clients finding the right solutions for their needs. His unique approach and perspective as a business professional ensures that his clients are always represented to only the very best. As investors and commercial clients, you will benefit from his business owner background, knowing that the bottom line is always being carefully watched.

Regardless of your commercial needs, whether in Hobart or elsewhere in Tasmania, Farzin is the professional you want on your side when it matters the most!