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Real Estate ChatBot for Facebook Messenger

Connect Real Estate ChatBot with your facebook fan pages to automate your chats.

Get access to over 13 Million Australian Facebook users. 

On average, more than 13M Australians use Facebook every month
On average, more than 11M Australians use Facebook every day
On average, more than 9M Australians accessing Facebook each day are doing so on a mobile device

Source: Facebook for Business - Aussies on Facebook.

What can your Messenger chatbot do

Connect Real Estate ChatBot with your Facebook fanpage to make it easier for followers and potential customers to reach you.

Increase Sales

Add another channel to your sales funnel for more conversions.

Boost engagement

Handle more conversations with AI-powered chatbots.

Support Sellers and Buyers 24/7

Meet customer expectations with quick responses.

Rich Messages for Facebook Messenger

Improve user experience with rich messages featuring intuitive navigation and interactive chat responses.

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