Build Partnerships to Get Leads in Real Estate

Build Partnerships to Get Leads in Real Estate


Networking is a great way to help generate high-quality leads for your real estate business. Do this by forming mutually beneficial partnerships with local businesses and individuals. It's cheap, but effective.  The objective is to increase your visibility so that the locals know to contact you about anything to do with real estate.

Start off by advertising your business to your family and friends. Talk to people in the local community, attend events and get involved in the local activities. 

Build partnerships with any and every individual and business that is likely to come in contact with people who need a real estate agent. 

This includes:

  1. Insurance Agents, as homeowners insurance is a must
  2. Bankers, who can help your clients work through the numbers
  3. Loan officers, who are a key part of the home buying process
  4. Bakeries, to help keep your real estate firm top of mind with former clients, or for ordering treats for your open house
  5. Landscapers, to help your clients’ homes stand out from the crowd - giving an impressive first impression
  6. Property cleaning services, to offer discounted house cleaning to your clients
  7. Local staging experts to create an aspirational home that has a better chance of being sold
  8. Builders and repair services that you can recommend to your clients.

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