About Real Estate Bot - Realbot

About Real Estate Bot - Realbot

By T.Fullman, Dec 22, 2020

Realbot is automated digital assistant to help you grow your leads through both efficiency and a more effective customer experience. It’s built for real estate agents and is intuitive, clear, and easy to use.

Many savvy companies are now incorporating interactive chatbot agents into their daily operations, communication with customers and sales processes. It’s the best option for those who don’t want to miss a call from a customer.

Realbot transcends a standard chatbot. It was built with real estate agents in mind. It offers a customer engagement platform built to turn customer contact into enterprise value.

By registering for Realbot your company will be able to create a virtual agent that:

  • Captures every customer contact.

  • Connects with customers using social media, messaging and digital customer care.

  • Saves time and effort by automating customer support. 

  • Processes customer requests with tremendous speed that helps to gain the customer’s loyalty.

  • Collates information collected from customers to help you better anticipate customer needs and accelerate sales and innovation. 

  • Provides opportunities that go far beyond giving responses to customer inquiries. 

  • Uses artificial intelligence that imitates human conversations to solve mundane and repetitive tasks

  • Simultaneously processes multiple customer requests. 

  • Allows your customers to set appointments and meetings

  • Sends you reminders

  • Reduces overhead costs.

  • Easily Integrates into your website, applications or instant messengers

  • Helps agents to get closer to customers

  • Provides assistance or access to information quickly and efficiently.

  • Entertains customers by giving them funny tips.

 Realbot makes everything easier when it comes to:

  • Automating workflows using artificial intelligence

  • Listing your properties

  • Managing your assets

  • Providing real-time information on each property

  • Connecting each of your properties to Facebook and YouTube

  • Creating an online video presentation of each property

  • Connecting clients direct to the agent/agency

  • Capturing all unsolicited contact

  • Collaborating with customers to stay connected

  • Scheduling appointments and house inspections

  • Responding to frequently asked questions

  • Recording customer inquiries 

  • Providing reports on leads and property assets.

 Work smarter and faster:

  • Sets agents and property managers free to do great work

  • Brings customers and agents together

  • Increases agency productivity and revenue

  • Keeps track of every customer interaction

  • Automates redundant tasks and admin work.

  • Connects B2B and B2C experiences.

 Create more engaging marketing.

  • Sends targeted and personalised messaging

  • Triggers message based on customer actions

  • Uses data from multiple sources and devices.

Better support every customer.

  • Improves agent response time

  • Manages every channel from one view

  • Unifies email, social, phone, and chat support.


It’s really easy to Set Up. We do all the heavy lifting.

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